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Illustrations and Infographics

Our talented illustrator Tom Holmes, who specialises in slick digital illustration and artwork that can easily be used for anything from logos to icons to becoming part of an organisation's visual ID. 


We created a logo for the Social Enterprise Scotland Awards:

The logo we created was closely based on Social Enterprise Scotland's own visual ID to create a sense of continuity and brand recognition.  For more detail about this project and our work with Social Enterprise Scotland please look here.


We created playful illustrations for iMultiply Resourcing:

To see how the illustrations were used to enhance the client's publications and web presence, please click here.


We created a logo for a seminal climate change conference:

We were commissioned by Sustainable Scotland Network (part of Keep Scotland Beautiful, a leading Scottish environmental charity) to design a logo and a brand for their annual climate change conference. You can read more about this project here.


We created a logo for the first Edinburgh Social pub:

Starting with nothing more than a name and a location, we created a strong visual identity for Southside Social. For more information about this project please see here.



Custom made eye-catching and simple infographics are a speciality of our graphic design team and remain one of our most popular services. From reports to evidence papers and budget reviews - infographics are the best way to attract attention to those all important findings.



We created an infographic overview of the state of cycling in Scotland:

 We were commissioned by Cycling Scotland to create and infographic to accompany their Annual Review. The infographic summarized findings from the publication on one page spread.


We explained various transport safety measures:

We were commissioned by the European Transport Safety Council to design infographics promoting various measures for safer driving.


We designed inforgaphics for social media use during the campaign for 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh:

We created a series of infograhics to explain the benefits 20mph speed limit zones would bring to Edinburgh. The infographics were used as an engaging format to rally support on social media. You can read more about this project here.


We helped promote the good work of an international development charity.

We produced various infographics explaining the impact of the work of LINK International Development. For more information on our work with LINK please see here.

LINK endline brochure 04.jpg
LINK endline brochure 03.jpg

We created infographics to accompany and illustrate our clients' reports:

We included infographics in each of the reports we delivered for Sustrans. The infographics were then separately exported as standalone images to be used to publicize the work of Sustrans on social media. For more information on our work with Sustrans please see here.


We designed infographics to go with a social media campaign for Air Passenger Duty:

This was a joint campaign by our parent charity Transform Scotland and RSPB Scotland.



Looking for a talented illustrator to create a logo, some illustrations or infographics? Look no further!