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Branding and Marketing

We create branding for successful campaigns. We treat each campaign as a stand-alone brand, creating a visual identity which we continue to apply to all campaign materials, both printed and digital. 


To deliver the best possible service in marketing your brand, we work in partnership with Noble Ox marketing.

Established in 2009, Noble Ox is a trusted brand marketing agency with a reputation for creating no-nonsense, hard-working and imaginative marketing to inspire clients and their audiences alike. Noble Ox attracts clients who strive to deliver excellence to target markets they want to understand and value. More often than not, Noble Ox works with people who aim to enhance the quality of life. Noble Ox provides the full range of brand marketing, project management, mentoring and training services (from digital marketing to longer term planning, service review/development and brand strategy).



We refined the Community Land Scotland brand:

We were commissioned by Community Land Scotland to design a set of promotional materials for the organisation’s work. Read more about this project here.


We branded a campaign for better rail services:

We created a 'campaign starter pack': a brochure, a leaflet and business cards for the campaigners. This campaign was designed on behalf of our parent charity Transform Scotland. The brand was based on the colour scheme of Transform Scotland, with the visual identity taking inspiration from a logo designed by our illustrator Tom.


We created a logo for a seminal climate change conference:

We were commissioned by Sustainable Scotland Network (part of Keep Scotland Beautiful, a leading Scottish environmental charity) to design a logo and a brand for their annual climate change conference. You can read more about this project here.


We designed graphics to lead the campaign for 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh:

We designed the campaign logo and visual ID to unite all the campaigners for the 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh under one brand. You can read more about this project here.



Though working primarily in the third sector, we don't shy away from commercial branding. We can help you develop a brand from scratch or review and improve how you utilise your existing brand.



We branded the first Edinburgh Social pub:

Starting with nothing more than a name and a location, we created a strong visual identity for Southside Social. We have also helped with PR activities roundabout the opening. For more information about this project please see here.


Our Head of Design helped create a luxury brand in the heart of Scotland:

For more detail on this project please see here.



Looking to build a brand from scratch? Or could your existing brand use a fresh pair of eyes?